Building Experiences supports young adults to have successful college, work, and life experiences through goal setting, coaching, referrals and networking, community building and having fun. 

The Need for Building Experiences

  • Young adults may successfully graduate from high school, but are unprepared for the many choices that post-high school life offers, and may be unprepared for the autonomy and responsibility that attending college or holding a job requires.
  • Young adults may have supportive families, but their families may be inexperienced in navigating college, or may not have the knowledge, or network to assist them in appropriate job placements.
  • Young adults may be ambitious and want to participate in volunteering, internships and/or other resume-building activities, but must prioritize paying bills and supporting their families and themselves over these critical, but unpaid opportunities.
  • Young adults may be smart, hard-working, eager and outgoing, but they may lack the self-confidence to go into a completely unfamiliar venue and ask for assistance, support or employment.

The Goal of Building Experiences is to provide support to successful young adults as they navigate these years of transition. BE strives to:

  • Improve member access to and success in college by providing support with the processes of admissions, financial aid, course selection, coursework, transferring and selecting a major,
  • Increase the members’ number and quality of community, academic and professional networks, including supportive peer networks,
  • Facilitate members participation in volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities, and
  • Provide enriching and fun activities that affirm and develop members’ skills, talents and achievements.